Scientists Have Discovered Why We Kiss With Closed Eyes

A kiss with closed eyes is the most romantic and most passionate. Many think that it is because in life we can’t see the best things with our eyes, but we can only feel them in our heart – but scientists say that our brain is guilty for everything.

When we are preparing to kiss somebody, our brain has problems with processing all the nice feeling that go alongside the kiss if we are kissing with our eyes opened, because then our brain will need to analyze everything we see – says a psychologist from Royal Holloway, University of London.

However, they came to this conclusion without actual observation over people kissing. Instead, they asked the participants to solve visual tests as they measured their response of touch.

The results showed that the visual field takes precedence over the body’s response to the touch, which means that people will have a problem continuing to kiss in case you observe something else, because the brain will find it complicated to process.

If we focus too much on the things that we see, it will reduce the effectiveness of the other senses. That is the explanation why are we closing our eyes when we are thinking about something else. In that way, we leave more space for our brain to focus on other aspects of the specified experience” said the researchers.

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