The Dark Side of being an Empathetic Person

Being an empath is considered a positive quality. An empathetic person is able to feel what others feel and is therefore able to help a person heal, much more successfully than a non-empath. Due to this ability of theirs, many people rely on them for support. Empaths are good at handling others’ emotions. They are great listeners and are trustworthy. However, all these apparent positives turn at times into a bane for an empath. How? Let’s find out.

Heightened sensibilities

Because empaths have heightened senses, they are able to feel every single thing. Both positive and negative energies affect them tremendously. According to the vibes, empaths get, their own disposition changes. Not only the people whom they personally know, but unrighteousness of the world in general also saddens them.


Since empaths feel anything and everything, it becomes quite stressful at times. Their mind is never at peace. Also, empaths are not good at telling people about their stress. That makes their situation worse because all their emotions get bottled up within and leads to even more stress and fatigue.


Empathetic people are always sought by others to be the crying shoulder. Empaths are good listeners. Since they can accurately feel what the other person is feeling, they will have the right things to say. But this becomes burdensome after a point when people start treating them as the dumping ground for their problems and frustrations in life.


Empaths are afraid to fall heads over heals for someone. As mentioned above, they don’t open up easily and feel that loving or trusting someone might render them vulnerable. Because of this fear they build invisible walls around them.


Empaths give out their body and mind selflessly for others. Because of this quality, they are loved and trusted. But this very ‘quality’ becomes burdensome when people start taking the empaths’ kindness and generosity for granted. “Empaths are givers.” But being in acquaintance of people who always take and never give can be exhausting for an empath.

Empaths need to be understood more. And it is a two-way traffic. Empathetic people should also try to break those invisible walls and should be in the company of those who listen to them too.