The Date Is The Best Fruit In The Planet For Our Health

The dates are great fruits with a lot of fiber in them and many nutrients good for the digestion and digestive tract.

They have many natural sugars and can replace the white unhealthy sugar perfectly. This fruit is good and fast digested and suppresses cravings. They are like multivitamins due to the calories and nutrition they give you and are safe and good for kids and adults too. Also, they cure many issues like anemia, cholesterol, cancer prevention and more.


Those that have anemia must eat dates a lot since they will get the iron this way. In 100 g dates you have 0.90 g iron and that is 11% of the daily need. Iron is one part of the hemoglobin in the red cells in the blood, and this is crucial for the oxygen in every cell. Also, teenagers and pregnant women need this the most.


The dates have zeaxantine and lutein too and these are good for eye health. Both these soothe the eye retina and macula and eyesight becomes better so damage to the macula is prevented as we age. Eat more dates for good sight!


They have calcium which is crucial mineral for digestion and stopping the diarrhea. Also gut flora is healthy and protected with dates. Eat them regularly and have good bacteria in the belly and intestines.


Digestion is better and faster and toxins are removed. Just have a few dates at night and put them in a glass of water. During this night, they will release juices that act like laxatives and work up the intestines well. In USA they are put in small bottles like medicine and 100 g of this has 8.5 g fiber.


One experiment showed that in Jordan university of Science and Technology, eating dates a month before delivery, reduces pain and bleeding. Women gave birth easier than those who didn’t eat this fruit. Also, dates aid women to cure the postpartum depression easier and have more milk lactation for the babies.

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