This Is What It Means When Your Man Loves Giving You Oral Sex

There’s One Sex Move That Reveals A LOT About Your Guy.

In the Sex and the City episode called “The Freak Show,” Charlotte meets Mr. Pussy, a man known for giving mind blowing oral sex. This is interesting because we don’t see oral sex on women on TV and in theaters as much as we see intercourse or fellatio, and when it does, it is often in the context of extreme cases, as it was in SATC, or viewed as X-rated. For example, the romantic drama Blue Valentine was initially given a rating of NC-17 because it had a cunnilingus scene, never mind that it was between a married couple.

Ryan Gosling, who stars opposite of Michelle Williams in the film, was angered by the MPAA’s decision. “There’s plenty of oral sex scenes in a lot of movies, where it’s a man receiving it from a woman — and they’re R-rated. Ours is reversed and somehow it’s perceived as pornographic,” he told The project eventually received an R rating.

Among other reasons, the lack of cunnilingus in the media seems to affect the way we view it in our private lives. Although several sources say that there is not a significant gap between couples who engage in cunnilingus and those who practice fellatio, the latter is often considered more “normal.”

When a man loves giving oral sex, it can make their partners suspicious but in many cases, they shouldn’t have to be. Continue reading to learn why men actually love giving head.

#1. For some guys, it’s the view that makes it.

Even if you haven’t mastered self-love and positive body image, your body probably drives your partner crazy. When he’s down there, he sees everything. The thought of it might scare you, you might feel exposed, but it turns him on. Not everyone gets to see this part of you.

#2. It really is about equality for some men.

I have a good friend who was raised by a single mother. In fact, he grew up in a household of women. He has two sisters and three aunts that visited often. He told me that living with them taught him a lot about the unique struggles that women go through. That’s why he’s disgusted at the way some of his male friends treat and talk about the women that they’re dating. He noted that going down on his woman is one his favorite things.

#3. Insecurity may be a factor in some relationships.

If your man doesn’t usually go down on you but suddenly wants to eat you out, there’s a number of explanations for this. One of them is that he might be feeling insecure about where he stands in the relationship. If he feels like he hasn’t been able to please you physically or emotionally, he might consider this a viable option to prevent you from wanting anyone else.

#4. If you haven’t been dating for very long and he loves to go down on you, it could be that he wants to learn how to be a better lover.

You might think that oral sex on women is a straightforward thing but you’d be surprised to learn how many guys are confounded by it. Practice makes perfect, right?

#5. He could have a high or even overactive sex drive.

Feel like you’ve got an energizer bunny on your hands? He could have a high sex drive, which is a good thing, but it is also possible for him to have an overactive one. Celebrities like Tiger Woods have admitted to living with sex addiction but some experts are skeptical to call it an actual disorder. It is difficult to measure someone’s sexual activity in full but keep out for red flags like excessive masturbation, an obsession with pornography, and emotional distress.

#6. He could just be a smart or experienced guy that knows how important clitoral stimulation is for women.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Despite the way the media portrays female pleasure, when they choose to portray it at all, most women are only able to get off from clitoral stimulation. A smart guy will know this.

#7. He wants to make sure you get off before he does.

Some guys are able to get off rather quickly, and it can be embarrassing for both parties, especially if the woman is left wanting. If he’s done his research, he knows that getting you off first is the best thing he can do if he’s particularly sensitive down there.

#8. In addition to giving their woman pleasure, oral sex is practical because it buys some time for men during their refractory period.

Men cannot have multiple orgasms like women do. They go through refractory periods, which can last as short as a few minutes or as long as a few hours. Don’t take it personally if he can’t get it up after ejaculating, chances are it isn’t you. He’ll feel sensitive down there right after, so let him be. It’s the perfect time to focus on you.

#9. When he gives cunnilingus, he’s building himself up for his best orgasm.

Some couples use oral sex as foreplay or as a normal part of their sex routine. Men love to hear their woman moan and feel them get wet. This can turn them on even more and give what many of them have described as the “best orgasms.”

#10. Engaging in oral sex might mean that he’s ready to get closer to you.

For some people, oral sex can be the ultimate gift of pleasure, one that you should reserve for the person you love. Some women have described it a “magical” experience. Be careful though. There are others who consider oral sex a less committal form of sex and will opt for that instead of intercourse if they’re in the mood.