Colon, Liver And Lungs Detox – Only 3 Days And All Toxins Are Gone! Also The Fat, Extra Water And Clogging Of Arteries

We all know the bad things junk food causes to our health, but still we cannot avoid every single processed food item completely. With this detox of 3 days only you can detoxify completely and the most vital organs too, not just change the regular diet scheme!

Before you start, approximately 48 hours, don’t consume anything dairy. This is because dairy food digests the slowest of all foods. So it can be an obstacle for the detox treatment. Our body has to be clean from the start of all dairy; then we can clear the lungs.

Have a herbal laxative tea only 1 cup. The tea cleanses the intestines to make them ready and resolve constipation. Lungs at this point are not loaded with toxins.

In the morning, the next day, make a lemon juice drink of 2 lemons, ½ cup water and drink before breakfast meal. This will speed up the digestion of alkaline foods and the lungs will feel “easier” somewhat.

Then, the next step is pineapple or grapefruit juice 1 and ½ cup, with breakfast. Still, you could dilute the juice or replace it with water is fine both ways. The juices are helpful for the health of respiratory organs since these fruits have many antioxidants.

In the time between breakfast and lunch, have 1.5 amount carrot juice. That will make the blood alkaline easier during this process. For the respiratory health, again, carrots are also a great choice because of the beta carotene that transforms the shape into vitamin A.


Then, in the end, before you go to sleep, have 340 ml cranberry juice to fight bad bacteria that infects the lungs. Cranberries are among the strongest antioxidants and very good for the urine health and blood.

This process lasts 3 days, every day the same step as you have seen. The results are amazing! The body is toxin free, and all the water and toxins and fat are eliminated leaving your lungs and other organs clean.

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