A List of 40 Studies That Prove GMO Foods Destroy Our Health and Cause Cancer

We are all aware that there is GMO food and somehow we still ignore it. Now we cannot continue to do that simply because there is overwhelming evidence which shows that GMO foods are harmful to the overall health.

Even the birds on the trees know that GMO i.e. genetically modified food is not healthy or safe to consume. All the companies that produce GMO foods claim that there is nothing bad and that these foods are perfectly safe.

But, how much of that is actually true? If you look things more clearly and logically, of course that no company in the world would admit that the product they make is bad.

The GMO is food that is unnaturally produced and that in no case can be good for you. Furthermore, there are many studies made that confirm this.

Companies produce food that thanks to the engineered preservatives can last for years. They make foods in order to create maximum profits.

So you should better believe that the companies, only have profit on their mind and not your health. Companies like Syngenta, Dow, and Monsanto, spend money and time to cover up the dangers that come with the food they make.

Believe it or not, but it is said that companies hire scientists and make their own studies about the products they make. They present the products in a positive aspect.

Furthermore, these companies spend a significant amount of money to lobby against laws and projects that tell the truth about their products.

Seralini Study

Seralini along with his team made a famous study. In this study along with his team, they fed mice with GMO food. The mice developed tumors and in fact eventually died.

Large efforts were made actually to discredit the results of this study. And the study was largely criticized by the companies.

More Studies Highlight The Negative Consequences

The Seralini study is famous study, but it is not the only one. There are more studies made about GMO foods and its effect on the overall human health.

There are plenty of negative impacts that are linked to large consumption of genetically modified food i.e. GMO food.

Many studies came to the discovery that there is a connection between GMO foods and many health conditions. Such as congenital disabilities, weight gain, liver damage, thyroid problems, kidney problems and high cholesterol.

Here’s the list of 40 studies that warn of the GMO foods and the dangers that come along with the consumption of this food.

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