Girlfriends Ranked Worst to Best According to Zodiac Signs; We Sincerely Apologize No. 12!

Every individual is unique and as they say, you never really know a person till you get up close and personal. That is what happens when you get into relationships and sometimes you would get into one only to find your attraction shift over time. There are certain things individuals do, in this case, women. Based on zodiac signs, this is what women behave like as girlfriends! So, the next time you are searching for one, this is what you need to remember about each sign!

Guide: This List Is From Worst to Best (Rank 12 = Worst, Rank 01 = Best)!


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You have to be prepared for the honesty of a Scorpio girlfriend. If she does not like what you are wearing. She will not hold back. She will tell you about it. She will be very passionate, and she will show you that she loves you but the moment that you make a mistake, expect that she is going to be ruthless in bringing you down. The time that you fall in love with a Scorpio, you will do your best so that she will love you back.


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The Virgo girlfriend may be critical about the relationship that you have with her. You think that she is perfect in every way or at least, perfect for you. She is always critical about the things that she does and even how she looks like. She always feels that she is not good enough for you. She is usually insecure of the people that you meet, and she gets jealous easily. You may try to assure her of your love, but this may not always work.


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There is something about the Aries woman that makes her feel like she is always running out of time. She frequently rushes into things so you may get intimidated in the beginning especially if you think you are still not ready for a new relationship. If you do fall in love and you have a relationship with an Aries woman, expect that she will be domineering.

If you are not the type to succumb to her domineering ways, the Aries girlfriend may not be the best for you. She may be temperamental in the beginning, but the more you get to know her, the more that she will show her sensitive side.


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The Taurus may be someone who will not enter the relationship willingly. She loves her freedom, and she knows that she does not need anyone to complete her. If she does start to like someone, she may tend to distance herself away from that person in the beginning until she realizes that she has liked that character well. A relationship with a Taurus can be particularly slow, and if it ends, it is going to break your heart. If it is your fault, except the fact that you are never going to get a second chance. If you want her to stick around, make sure that you will never let her go.


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If you would like to be pampered and cared for, you need a Cancerian girlfriend. You can expect that she will be wearing her heart on her sleeve all the time. You know exactly how she is feeling. You do not want to upset her, but she tends to become upset easily over the smallest things. She is not very trusting, and it will take a long time for you to get her trust but just seconds to break it. She cares for you, but at times, she does not want to show it though it is evident. Her contradicting actions may seem confusing for you, but the moment that you get her, she will do her best not to break your heart.


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The Leo girlfriend is someone who would like to experience all things romantic. She may have some expectations from you that you will try hard to achieve but cannot. The moment that she loves you, she will give you everything that she can give to show you that you are loved but remember that she expects the same from you. If you are unable to do this, except that you are going to have a lot of fights with her. If you are a good boy, expect that she will not be attracted to you. She likes the idea of “saving” bad boys.


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The Aquarius woman is very independent. She may also be considered weird because people do not understand her thoughts and actions. The moment that you get to know her better, you will begin to realize what she is trying to prove. She may not be entirely dependent on you when it comes to her emotions and the things that she does, but you can be sure that she will be fiercely loyal. She may not love herself, but through your prodding, you can help her see how wonderful she is.


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The Gemini is the sign of “twins.” Expect that a Gemini woman will always have two sides. One side will show her funny, outgoing self. This is the part that you would love to be with all the time, but her other side will show how pessimistic they are about the things they go through. For a relationship with a Gemini to work, you need to love both sides and accept both sides even if the girl herself does not want to take her bad side. A Gemini girl will not usually give second chances, and for sure, you will not be getting a third chance.


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You know that the Libra girlfriend is always just. She is always kind not only to you but towards other people in general. She does not like having conflicts with the one she loves so even if she senses that something is wrong or even if you did something that she did not like, she would not say anything about it.

Of course, problems need to be talked about so that they can be solved. If you want to be with a Libra, remember that she tends to become charismatic. She can attract a lot of people. If you would become jealous of the people that she meets, this can cause problems with your relationship.


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The Capricorn girlfriend would like the relationship to be perfect, but you know that there is no such thing as a perfect relationship. Expect that when you get into a relationship with a Capricorn girl, she will be a bit domineering, but if someone tries to put you down, she will do her best to make you remember that you do not deserve that type of treatment. She will defend you to the best of her abilities too.


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The Pisces woman is not the one who will become forward when it comes to the relationship that you may have. She may be a little guarded, but you know that you can trust her. Your innermost secrets will stay safe with her because she cherishes your confidence. She will always support you in the things that you do. With a girlfriend like that, you are sure that you can also be your best friend at the same time.


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The Sagittarius girlfriend may be a bit insecure because she criticizes herself all the time. She can be critical of her actions, but she will never do the same scrutiny to you. She tries to make sure that you are given the type of motivation that you need to reach your goals in life. She tends to think about other people other than herself. This is an endearing trait but it can be a problem when she leaves nothing for herself, and you try to tell her about it.

She may feel like she is not doing her best again.

She is always guarded but the moment that you can conquer your heart, you will be one of the few special people in her life.

What sign do you think is the best for your sign? It will depend on the traits that are mentioned above.


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