How You Handle A Breakup According To Your Zodiac Sign

One thing most of us can count on is that we will go through a breakup at some point in our life. Breakups are never easy, but the way each of us deals with them is very different. It all boils down to your personality and perspective on life. Your zodiac sign says a lot about how you handle difficulties and what you look for in a relationship. Here’s what your sign says about your post-breakup self.



An Aries would rather shoot themselves than appear vulnerable. If you break up with one, don’t expect them to sob and beg you to stay. They are more likely to pretend they don’t care, or even anticipate you thinking of breaking up and beat you to it. After a breakup, they never let themselves wallow in self-pity. They sign up for new things to distract themselves with, go out with their friends and post pictures online to show everyone how happy they are.


If you’re in a long-term relationship with a Taurus, good luck breaking up with them. A Taurus gives their all in a relationship and values commitment. Even if you tell them it’s over, they’re unlikely to accept it. They will put in even more work towards making it better and will insist on you rethinking your decision. Only once they feel that the relationship is beyond help will they be willing to let go. They tend to lick their wounds in private for a long time because they find it very difficult to get over a failed relationship.


Geminis are rarely broken up with, they’re the ones to break up with you. They love lighthearted, fun relationships, so tend to jump ship if they feel things are getting too serious. They aren’t very upset when a relationship ends because they’re eager to try out something new. They won’t hold grudges either and see no reason why they can’t be friends with their exes.


Cancers invest themselves completely in a relationship, so they rarely ever have flings. When a relationship ends, they take it extremely hard. They’re known to cry for days and wallow for weeks. Despite feeling so upset after a breakup, they won’t try to get back with their partners. For a Cancer who is willing to put in everything for a relationship, they don’t see the point in being with you unless you do the same. It can be next to impossible to get back with a Cancerian ex, so think twice before you break up.


Leos value their pride above everything else. If you break up with them, you’re wounding their pride and Leos will make sure you pay for it. They can be extremely warm when they like you but can switch to cold and aloof the moment you hurt them. Don’t expect them to beg you to take them back because that’s beneath a Leo. They won’t be averse to taking you back though, but only once they feel you’ve repented and groveled enough.


Virgos look down on casual relationships, long-term commitments are what interests them. Being perfectionists however, they never like to admit that a relationship has failed. Even if a relationship is stale and unhappy, they will stick in it just because they’ve already invested so much in it. When they do break up for good, it has to be on their terms. They will only let a relationship go once they truly believe nothing can salvage it anymore.


Libras love being in a relationship, something which can work both ways with them. On the one hand, they’re unwilling to let an old relationship die because they value commitment so highly. However if they are dumped, they get into another serious relationship very quickly. Libras don’t wallow in grief, they want to be in love again immediately.


If you break up with a Scorpio, don’t be fooled by their cool exterior. Inside, they’re most likely plotting to take revenge upon you. Scorpios are more sensitive than they let on, something which most of their partners don’t know. They are very passionate about their relationship, so when they get dumped, they can feel very upset about it. They will never admit to it though, because they don’t want anyone to see their vulnerable side. They will never let a breakup slide, but can plot revenge against their ex for months after.


Sagittarians have no qualms expressing their true feelings about a breakup. No matter who did the actual breaking up, you can expect them to say extremely hurtful things to you. After the breakup, a Sagittarius won’t feel bad for too long. They like being independent, so they don’t think being single again is a bad thing. In fact, because they love freedom and being constantly on the move, they’ll probably be happier out of a relationship.


Capricorns love stability, so they try everything to improve a relationship even if it’s on its last legs. They’re unlikely to break up with their partner and are usually on the receiving end of it. While at first they’ll try to win you back, they eventually give up if they see no point in doing so. Being very ambitious, they’ll throw themselves wholeheartedly into work as a way of distracting themselves.


Aquarians rarely ever lose themselves to their emotions. They always think logically and can often come off as being too calculating. If they feel a relationship has no prospects, they will not think twice about ending it. Even if they’re dumped, they don’t let themselves be too sad, instead they think about their next step. This can put many people off because they feel an Aquarius isn’t very passionate about the relationship.


Pisces loves being in a relationship, but can also get too emotional. They rarely break up with their partners because they’re extremely forgiving. However, if they’re dumped, a Pisces can play the victim card extremely quickly. They can turn on the waterworks in a second and paint an injured expression on their face. They’re experts at getting everyone’s pity and demonizing their ex.