Types Of Guys You’re Attracted To Based On Your Zodiac Sign

After a breakup, you may have made up your mind never to fall again for that particular type of guy. But then, something else is in store for you. You lose your heart to the same tribe, failing to break your dating pattern. It doesn’t mean that you will fail in your love forever. You will find your soulmate. However, if your search ends up on the same type of guy then your zodiac sign is to be blamed. It is fun to find out the guys you’re attracted to based on your zodiac sign.


Being bold, spontaneous, and independent, you look for someone who can match your personality. A confident guy, who is fun-loving and adventurous is sure to turn you on. You get that spark if he is capable of competing with you. At the same time, you are not ready to compromise on your independence.


With a great desire for intimacy and affection, you will find love in someone who can answer your appetite. Being sensual, you will find hot men attractive. You are also good at making your partner feel loved. So, you know how to keep them in your company, showering them with your care and devotion.


You are known for your gentle and affectionate behavior. Expressive and quick-witted, people like to be in your company. When it comes to a guy, you tend to choose a similar personality. Someone who is simple and easy to go with is your choice. If a man talks about the philosophy and complexity of life, you tend to just ignore him. A good conversation with a mix of humor is what you find interesting in a guy.


Known for a soft and kind personality, you always care for your loved ones. Hence, a sensitive man can make you feel secure. What you want in life is a deep, loyal, meaningful, and long-lasting relationship. You crave for a guy who can promise you this stability in life. You like talking about marriage and kids. This sometimes scares your partner.


The Leo lady always likes to be the center of attraction. Your favorite moment is when people ask you for advice or when they praise you. Without any doubt, you long for a guy who does the same. You will adore him if he encourages you in every aspect of life.


You belong to the intellectual group and you don’t mind falling for a guy who is intelligent. You want him to respect your personal boundaries. Your addiction with perfection drives you to a man who is mature and sensible. Someone with childish thoughts never survives a relationship with you.


A charming guy who keeps his social circle vibrant and lively – without any hesitation you will fall for him. No surprises there as you are very social and the life of any party. You enjoy everything about being passionate and romantic. It’s natural for cupid’s arrow to strike when you see such an outgoing, romantic guy.


An unbalanced life is the identity of a Scorpio girl. You are driven by crazy ideas and sometimes it is difficult to understand you. You are ready to shower your warmth and fondness on someone who stands your craziness. You end up with him if he understands your emotions and treats you with respect.


As a Sagittarian woman, you live your life to the fullest. You are driven to a guy who can also be your best friend. A highly spirited and full of life man is a major turn-on for you. But, if he is not ready for a lifelong commitment, you are sure to move ahead with your life, without him.


Determined to achieve her goal, it is difficult to distract a Capricorn girl from her ambitions. Only a man with a strong will can divert her attraction. Meeting a goal-oriented, hard working man is something you never forget.


If your friends tease you for dating unconventional guys always, you can’t help it. As a girl imbued with a creativity and unconventionality, you fall for those guys. You are driven to a man who can relate to your way of thinking.


Romantic, magical love is something that you are interested in. You take pleasure in all sorts of romantic moments. Anyone out there who loves to gift his girl red roses and take her for date nights often? Your eyes and heart will never miss such a romantic hero.


-My Informator-