Psychologist Says There Are 4 Personality Types In The World. Find Out Your’s

A radio host, author Carol Ritberger PhD is an internationally known name in the field of medical intuitive. He has 28 years of experience and is an innovative leader in behavioral medicine and personality behavioral psychology. Carol has gained expertise in understanding how the root cause of life crisis, illness and diseases are connected with the spiritual, psychological and emotional energy of mankind.

In 1982, she had near to death experience, as a result of which she has a better understanding of the energy system of human, their aura and that helps her to identify protuberance, blockages, depletions, and energy congestion that are acting as a hindrance in the way of sustaining good health and is not allowing the body to function properly. She uses this skill to get a complete picture of the reason why we fall ill and how to heal it.

Her book, “What Color Is Your Personality? Red, Orange, Yellow, Green” explains the powerful role that these colors play in our lives. The internal and external aspect of our lives is influenced by the colors.

In our energy system, an important communication link is the colors and it reflects the occurrence within our spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental layers of energy. Four different colors are associated with four different personality types and these colors give out the traits that the person possesses.

Her book will give you an insight on how

  • The characteristics of personality and colors go hand in hand
  • Red personality people are thinking and sensing in their working and external stimuli is behind their orientation
  • The people who fall under orange personality are more feeling and sensing in their functioning; they love to fulfill the emotional requirements of others
  • Yellow personality is more thinking and intuitive in their working; they are very good at solving problem and they use their right-left brain mostly
  • Green personality is known for their feeling and intuition; they are orientation is towards the people and their need for a relationship

What is your personality color?

Take this fun test to decide which color personality you are. The color will tell you a lot about your personality, your strengths, physical health, and weakness. Just answer these 10 questions and find out the color of your personality.

A yellow personality is a creative and independent person who loves to think out of the box and is fiercely protective of own freedom. These people come across as friendly and vibrant. They are prone to headaches due to tension.