12 Signs You Have a Hidden Illness

Mold not only spoils the look of the place, but it has a serious effect on our health as well. Though mold is a common issue at the workplace or home, not everybody is aware of the signs to detect the mold illness. If the mold is not treated at the earliest, then it would destroy the surface completely.

This annoying and ugly looking mould can be found anywhere in the furniture, ceilings, walls, and floors. However, the mould illness in human is mainly caused by the airborne mould. The spores enter the human body when you touch the mould surfaces and then, without washing your hand touch your face or an open sore.

Irrespective of whether you are staying in a wet or humid climate, you should know the symptoms of mould illness in order to avoid them.

1.Muscle pain (not the strain!!)

Generally, we avoid the muscle pain, thinking that it is nothing serious and would be gone within a day or a two. But, do you know that it can be due to the mould illness? Yes, muscle cramps that are too intense, sharp, and prickly are the symptoms of mould illness.

2.Numbness, Trembling, and Stinging

These are all signs of possible mould illness. When you are sitting in the same position, then it might have happened that your legs or hands have fallen asleep! Sometimes you must have felt like somebody is pricking you with needles. If these things had happened to you, then there are chances that you might have the mould illness.

3.Always in a bad mood

If your house is all dull and damp, then it will take a toll on your mood as well. You will also start feeling low and depressed. So, take good care of your home and make ways to let the sunlight get into your room and brighten up the day. You can also have small plants in your home so that it helps in freshening up the air you are breathing at home.

4.Issues with digestion

You will start having a small appetite, though it might excite you if you are trying to lose weight if it is happening due to mould illness, then you will start gaining weight. Other symptoms are diarrhoea, stomach pain, and nausea.

5.Breathing problem

It is a known fact that your breathing will be trouble if you are living in a damp place. Now a research has proved that some respiratory diseases are directly linked to mould. These diseases are sinusitis, asthma, hypersensitivity pneumonitis, allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis, and allergic rhinitis. Apart from these, some common symptoms are coughing, sinus issues, shallow breathing, trouble breathing, and wheezing.

6.Headaches and eye problem

If you are allergic to moulds, then you might suffer from fever accompanied by headaches every now and then. Not just fever, you might end up having itchiness, redness in the eyes, and blurry vision.

7.Always be thirsty

If you were wondering why to feel so much of thirst nowadays without doing too much of a strenuous work, then the mould illness can be one of the reasons behind it.

8.Urinating Excessively

No prize for guessing. You will start urinating more if you are drinking more water than usual.


It is better to consult a doctor when you see your hand shaking or for that matter the whole body shaking. Mold illness can be the reason behind that. There may be different health issues that can cause the shaking, but unless you contact the doctor you won’t be able to find out the real reason, so it is good to have a checkup done.

10.Feeling dizzy regularly

If you are feeling dizzy and you also have moulds in your home, then there can be a connection between the two. Consult your doctor to know why you are feeling dizzy on a regular basis.

11.Gaining weight

Lately, have you been eating too much? If no, and still gaining weight, then it is a serious health issue that can be caused by mould or something grave than that. Have a checkup done by your doctor to be on the safer side.

12.Weird taste in the mouth

No matter what you eat, there is this metallic taste in your mouth that you have not been able to get rid of. This is a serious sign of mould illness. It could be caused by something else, but you will only be able to find out the reason behind it when you visit the doctor. So, hurry up.

By now, you must be anxious and worried at the same time. There is no need to panic, instead, fix the water leakage, use a fan for circulating air all throughout, create ventilation in the damp areas, and if possible always keep the windows open. Do not let the mold build up their own home in your abode. So, clean your home regularly using a cleansing solution and not bleach. Always cover your mouth while cleaning.