20 Proven Ways To Mind Control With Body Language

Human beings cannot survive without communication. Our evolution as a species has taken place rapidly only because of our capability to communicate in a convoluted yet efficient way.

With the evolution of technology, our mode of communication has also changed and now we have several methods to communicate with each other. The communication system has developed a lot and now communication has become much simpler as compared to olden days.

We all know that there is always a drawback to every good thing and in this case, it is the absence of communicating face to face. We are so used to texting that we don’t even bother to meet and talk.

There are certain scenarios where face to face communication still holds importance and the purpose behind this is human body language.

Body language plays an important role in understanding what the actual meaning of the conversation is.  The intricate details about the behavioural pattern and deepest traits can be kept under wraps if face to face communication doesn’t take place.

Do you have any idea how your body gives away the actual meaning of your conversation? If you are saying something that you don’t mean, then your body language will give out the hints. Do you know how to understand these body languages?

Here is how you can understand the actual meaning of the information that is being shared with you by someone-

10% of what was actually said by the person

40% of the meaning can be derived from the speed and tone of the voice

50% through body language of an individual

The body reacts or responds by default while we are in conversation and it somehow gives out our actual intention rather than hiding behind our words.

Here are proven methods to mind control and dominate others without saying a word:

1.If you want to know if the person is interested, then you must concentrate on their pupils. The pupil dilates when we are in conversation with someone we like and the truth is that we don’t have any control over our eyes.

2.If the feet are pointed towards you, then they are genuinely interested in you, otherwise, their feet will be pointed towards some other direction. We are busy keeping our facial expression in control so that we don’t give away our actual intentions, but in most cases, we ignore what our feet are saying.

3.Choice of colour is effective. Blue is the colour of trust, security, clean, and conservative, whereas red denotes dangerous, powerful, energetic, and it also inspires feelings of love and passion. It is up to you to decide which message you want to give out.

4.Shifting your gaze while in conversation will make you aware of the person’s political view. If the person is following your gaze, then it shows that they will be liberal, if not then they are conservatives.

5.If you want better tips, then your touch can help you earn more. In a study, it is proven that when the servers touch the customers on their shoulder, arm or hand, they tend to get more tips.

6.Next time when you want to take charge, just tilt your head. If you bow your head, then it shows you as submissive, but if you tilt your head, then it makes you appear to be the dominant one.

7.A lie can be a time-bound thing as well. A study by Brian Gunia, assistant professor at John Hopkins University’s Carey Business School, has revealed that a morning person is most likely to lie at night whereas the night person is likely to lie in the morning.

8.As per the behavioural investigator and author, Science of People, Vanessa Van Edwards, says that if you want to be big, then you will have to spread out. People who are powerful tend to occupy lot more space than usual. They spread their legs and arms and always make gestures that are broader. In a study, it is proven that all people have the probability to grow in professional fields as compared to shorter people.

9.Ami Cuddy, the social psychologist, says that if you want people to trust you then be a good listener. When the person realizes that they are being understood and is heard, then they will open up to you and trust you.

10.The Smell and Taste treatment Research said that men get turned on by the smell of pumpkin pie and lavender. The black liquorice and doughnut smell comes next.

11.Nodding can be contagious. If you want the other person to agree with you, then nod your head in yes, while you are in conversation or as you are listening to responses, you will see that others have begun to nod as well.

12.While you are trying to make the other people accepted and understood you can mirror their expressions as well as gestures. If you see someone is imitating your action or expression, then that means they like you.

13.Getting a tattoo will make you come across as someone who is sexually experienced. A study has proven the fact that people with tattoos are looked upon as someone who loves adventure, thrill, less inhibited and most likely to have a number of sexual partners as compared to someone who hasn’t been inked.

14.You can make someone fall in love with you by gazing into their eyes. A study was carried out on strangers where they were asked to look into each other’s eyes for 2 minutes; at the end of it, the participant’s had feelings for each other.

15.If someone is interested in you romantically, then they will play with their hair or jewellery while talking to you.

16.When you come across a person who has deep wrinkles on their forehead, then it means they are an open person. The person who is open in nature tends to raise eyebrows and wrinkle their forehead while doing so.

17.In case you are losing out in a game, start behaving like a winner. Walk with your chest out and square shoulders and athletes will succumb to a downward spiral. Geoffrey Schweizer and Philip Furley revealed in a study that this is one body language that can be detected intuitively

18.Want to know whether your date is rich or not? Look at them closely while having a conversation with them. If they are all fidgety and doesn’t pay any attention to what you have been saying then most likely he/she belongs to high-income status.

19.Move forward when you are trying to dominate in a conversation. Leaning forward slightly when you want to start talking and make the other person stop. Even a hand gesture also works the same way.

20.Hormone levels can be detected through finger lengths. In most cases, men who are gay have their ring and index finger of the same length. In a woman, their ringer finger will be longer than the pointer if they are gay.