15 Surefire Ways To Figure Out She Is The One For You

Few relationships are important and they affect men more than anything else.

Here are the 15 thoughts that cross the mind of a man who is in love with his correct match.

1.“I am surely not in love with her”

They know that they have fallen for the girl, but they are not ready to accept. They are scared to tread away from their comfort zone of being single. They know there are chances of getting into a complete mess if the girl rejects them. Therefore, they are trying their best to stay away from all kinds of complications.

2.“She is beautiful inside out”

In the beginning, they might get attracted due to the physical beauty, but as he comes to know the girl in person, he starts appreciating her inner beauty as well. Lust turns into admiration and he is completely lost in her love.

3.“I am thankful to her”

Now that he is in love with a girl he will realize that how she has made a positive impact on his life. He is a better person now. He respects the dreams and wishes of the girl he is in love with. Even the girl will be reciprocating the same, which would eventually turn the relationship into something very special that will be cherished by both the partners.

4.“No matter what, love will prevail”

Love is when one accepts the person with his or her own flaws. He won’t change them or judge them due to some unpleasant past issues. Her past won’t haunt her present because for him she is important and nothing else really matters.

5.“I am comfortable in my own skin”

When a man meets the right woman, then he no longer keeps his emotion or troubles guarded. In fact, they share it with her without the fear of getting judged. He believes that his girl will understand him very well and act accordingly.

6.“She is the right one”

If this is the thought that a man is having, then it means that the girl in question is his whole world. He wants to make her happy in every possible way. Now the initial awkwardness has vanished  into thin air and now they are more comfortable in each other’s company. He is now profoundly connected to the girl and would go to any extent to protect her.

7.“Is this love?”

Now when he is spending sleepless nights, he wonders whether it is love because he has never felt anything like this before. Though the emotions seem strange to him, he still doesn’t want to lose it. He will ask his friends to verify his thoughts.

8.“I don’t want to change anything about her”

Everybody has painted a picture of the ideal girl in their head, but when they fall for someone in the true  sense, then they don’t want to change anything about her. They love the girl with all her quirkiness and abstract interests.

9.“I am sure about this one”

They used to get cold feet in the name of commitment, but now things have changed. He wants to commit and is ready to embrace the changes that will come his way. They are sure about what they are doing and excited to accept the challenges that might follow.

10.”Can I be the Mr Right for her?”

He is no longer worried about his life, rather he feels insecure about her. He is not sure whether he possesses all the quality that she might be looking for her Mr Right or not, but he wants to make her believe that he will respect her and treat her equally.

11.“I can discuss anything under the sky with her”

Once they meet the right woman, they realize that it is so easy to keep the conversation flowing all day without getting bored. It is such a fun to talk to her that he cannot even imagine himself staying away from her.

12.“I want to settle down”

He is no more interested in flirting with any other women as he has found his perfect match. He now wants to devote all his time for the woman he loves and he is all eyes for her only.

13.“Can’t imagine life without her”

This very thought scares him to death. He doesn’t want his happiness to end because he has found his true love in her and has accepted her with all her beauty and flaws.

14.“Relationships are bliss”

There was a time when he thought that relationships are emotionally draining as it involves arguments and constant adjustments. But, not anymore, things have changed drastically and now he has high regards for relationships. This is all due to the positive influence of the right woman in his life.

15.“She completes me”

He cannot think of staying away from her and when she is away, his life comes to a halt.

If you are going through these emotions, then you have already met your perfect match. Congratulations!