200,000-Year-Old City Discovered In Africa That May Rewrite The History

A gigantic 1500 square-kilometre primeval metropolis has been unraveled 150 km west of Port Maputo in South Africa. This city is said to be constructed in the year 160,000 – 200,000 BCE. The city covers about 10,000 square kilometers and what has been unearthed is only one part of this huge network. Though the farmers have witnessed large circles in their fields for a long time, they were never researched properly. Michael Tellinger was the first person to recruit some local fireman and a pilot, namely Johan Heine to assist him in completing the task.

Tellinger said that when Johan introduced him to the ancient ruins of stone in southern Africa, he wasn’t aware of what he was getting into. It points at a long lost civilization that seems to precede all other civilization by thousands of years. The discovery is a groundbreaking one because it can change the fundamental perspective of humans towards history.

Another important fact is that several gold mines are there in the surrounding of that location. It is believed that they utilized these resources to live in the past just like Anunnaki.

Anunnaki Timeline 4,50,000 B.C.

Nibiru’s atmosphere was inhospitable due to the ongoing warfare and researchers started arguing that gold can be used to repair the ozone layer that has been damaged.

445,000 B.C.

The Anunnaki landed on Earth and established Eridu for the gold that is there in the Persian Gulf and Enki, son of Anu, was their leader.

416,000 B.C.

When the production of gold decreased, Anu arrived on Earth along with his son Enlil. Anu decided that gold will be mined in Africa and Enlil would lead the Terran mission.

400,000 B.C.

Sipar, Shuruppak, and Nippur were amongst the seven developed nations that resided in the Southern Mesopotamia. Once the metal was refined, the ore was removed from orbit by the way of a ship.

The structures can be checked on Google Earth by using the following coordinates:

Carolina: 25 55 ’53.28 S/ 30 16 ’13.13 E

Badplaas: 25 47 ’33.45 S/ 30 40 ’38.76 E

Waterval: 25 38 ’07.82 S/ 30 21 ’18.79 E

Machadodorp: 25 39 ’22.42 S/ 30 17 ’03.25 E

The stone circle’s of the city were mostly obscured in the sand over the time and that is the reason they are visible from a satellite or plane. Climate change has exposed the ancient structures in modern times. Tellinger said that it took him quite a time to figure out that he is dealing with the oldest remains of the human civilization. These structures were the very first and the oldest of all that has been built on earth by humans. It took some time to sink in because till date nothing significant has come up from South Africa, mostly Egypt and Sumeria are considered to be powerful civilizations.

Tellinger discovered evidence from which it was proven that Sumerians, as well as the Egyptians, gained their knowledge from the civilizations that were present before them. Tellinger points out that, it was these earlier civilizations that carved the Horus Bird, the Sphinx and also the first pyramid. Adam’s calendar is one of the most impressive of the ancient mines, stone ruins, ancient roads, agricultural terraces. They are now referred to as ‘The First People” who had immense knowledge about energy fields.

So, from this revelation, it can be pretty well concluded that the Egyptians may not be the first people to worship the Sun or carve out images of the Egyptian Ankh into hard rock.