Depressed? Try These 10 Tricks To Be Happy Again

Depression is the most complex illness at present. As per the brain scientists or the psychologists, depression takes place when there is an imbalance of a chemical in the brain. Though there are others who oppose to this idea, the most debatable thing is the treatment for this chemical imbalance. Prescribed drugs are not effective all the time because if they are consumed more than the prescribed dose, then they will not work. In most cases, medicines offer relief from this depressed feeling but do very less to actually cure it. Therefore, the underlying problem remains unattended.

Once you start taking anti-depressant pills, it is very hard to stop them all of a sudden. You become addicted to these pills and become vulnerable to side effects like brain zaps and serotonin syndrome. If you are trying to be happy, but don’t want to get addicted to the pills, then read the following tips to feel happy all over again.

1.Dancing is a great move

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If you are depressed and feeling all time low, then put on some music and dance shoes. Once a man said that if by any chance you dance while you are drunk, then you will realize how good dancing is a form of mental exercise. You will at once feel relaxed when you start dancing. You can try out a different style of dancing like break dancing, ballroom dancing, line dancing, etc. The music will help you soothe the nerve and deep inside you will feel some positive effects on your brain. Dancing is now considered to be one of the best ways to cure Parkinson’s disease.

2.Working out

When you are working out, your heart starts releasing more blood and it is important for overall health. Moreover, exercise releases endorphins that help in controlling your stress level by boosting the neurogenesis that is the brain cell growth. If you are angry with something or someone, then do rigorous exercise. Once you are done with your exercise regime, you will find that all your anger has been drained away and you are feeling relaxed and happy.


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Traveling doesn’t mean packing your bag and setting off to some new destination, instead you can just go ta hotel nearby and enjoy your stay over there. There is no need to go out of town or country. When you are staying in a hotel, the staffs will be serving and treat you like royalty and it will definitely give your mind the much-needed boost. If you want to walk out of the depression, then you can travel alone, the challenges that you will face will force you to take a decision on the spot and you will have to arrange everything on your own, leaving very less time to think about depressing thoughts. You will come back from the trip rejuvenated and happy with life.

4.Change in lifestyle

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Our lifestyle is the reason behind our depression, so a little bit of tweaking to our lifestyle will have a positive effect on our mind. If you are a night bird and wake up really late in the morning, then change the routine and hit the bed early, so that you can get up early and exercise. Even the food habits need to change. You must not indulge in canned foods, rather fresh fruits and gluten-free foods are best suited. These little changes can bring in a huge difference in your life.

5.Do what makes you feel happy

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If you are not sure about what makes you really happy, then you can stand in front of the mirror and ask yourself this question. You will get the answer. You can hang out with friends or watch your favourite movies with near and dear ones. These are some of the ideas that you can put to use when depression is taking over the control of your mind.

6.Avoid being lonely

Loneliness is a state of mind and it generally creeps in when you are sitting alone. Once you are stuck with this loneliness, then no matter how many people are there by your side, you will still feel lonely. So, try to keep your mind engage with something creative to help you stay away from this loneliness.

7.Plan your future

Sometimes depression is caused when you are not able to see any clear future. You don’t have any idea where you are heading in your life, what your life will be after 5 or 10 years. When we lose vision of our future, depression takes over. So, don’t keep your mind idle, plan a constructive future.

8.Genuine faith

Our generation hasn’t seen misery or crisis that our ancestors have been part of. Their minds were always pre-occupied with several things. Nowadays, half our job is done by machine, so we have enough time to sit idle and think rubbish and somehow depression has become a part of our life already.

9.Appreciate and acknowledge the good

We are too busy with ourselves and we hardly have time to appreciate or acknowledge someone’s act of goodness or kindness. Once we start embracing the positive vibes of good people around us we will be able to deal with depression without taking any pills.

10.Two sides of the coin

Happiness and sadness are the two sides of the same coin and human being enjoy their life as much as they suffer. It I just that when we are happy we don’t pay much heed, but when we are angry or sad, then we turn the whole world upside down. So, as soon as you accept the fact that you will have to deal with both the emotions, you will do just fine.