The least or the most Psychic – know what your Zodiac signs say!

Being psychic is not at all an easy affair. It is believed that you can grow your psychic powers through diligence and practice over the time, but it is not the same as psychic abilities that some are born with.

Not many have the psychic abilities to tap into someone else’s dimensional energies. There are some who are born with it and all these come naturally to them.

Your zodiac sign will tell you whether you possess the abilities or not. If you are not sure about the power, then read on to find out whether you are the most psychic or the least psychic of all the zodiac signs.

We will start with the most psychic zodiac sign and slowly move towards the least.


Cancerians are mentally and emotionally sensitive person. They are great empaths and sense people’s misery at a glance. The Moon is the source of all kinds of sorcery and magic and it rules this zodiac sign, so you can pretty well guess how psychic a Cancerian can be.

They are nurturing and just like mothers, they are also blessed with the power to understand and feel what is wrong with you.


Another zodiac sign that connects with every living object automatically is the Virgo. They possess uncanny powers to understand the feelings of the others. They don’t spare people who backstab them.


They are dreamy in nature and they seem to enjoy their dream completely. They are blessed with empathetic abilities and healing powers. You should use these powers responsibly to help people and not the other way around.


You have the power to meditate for a long time and also have the ability to zone out easily. Meditation gives you a fair idea of the happenings around you and how long it is going to take place.

When you are feeling low that is the time you are high with psychic abilities.


They choose not to talk about the powers they have because they are scared that people might not believe them. They can genuinely foresee the future and interpret its actual meaning.

It might seem vague and funny to some, but the Capricorns can’t agree more.

They are high on intuition, but low on the usage of it. They tend to focus more on themselves and that is when they completely forget about their psychic abilities.

But, as soon as they start connecting and listening to others, voila their powers are back with them. You cannot fool a Leo with a fake smile because they have the uncanny quality of realizing what lies beneath that smile.


If they are in sync with the surroundings, then even the indecisive scorpions can get in touch with their psychic self too.

Mostly, they are unaware of it unless until they are in the company of other psychic. In other words, they need the mystics around to get in touch with their inner self.


Aries, a fire sign has lots of potential hidden in them. They are intuitive, selfish, and love their privacy. If they are keen about something, then they will go to any extent to fulfil without bothering about the feelings of others.


They are the not the ones who can fall for mysticism because of their practical and level-headedness. The Librans don’t even find the psychic abilities to be rational or reasonable. According to them, it is not fair to bestow such qualities to some when the others do not have the same.

They cannot be counted as psychic simply because they don’t believe in all these super powers and this disbelief is the main hindrance in the way of psychic powers. If they can be brought under the influence of people who practice psychic things, then their habit can change.


They are way too practical and engrossed in the career run to realize any psychic power. They focus on tangible things, rather than interested in things related to heart or spirit.

There is a very thin scope of them getting interested in such things unless they are forced to do so.


As suggested by their water sign, they are connected to the aura and the world, but that has nothing to do with psychic connection.

They believe that psychic powers exist, but they prefer not to tread that path on their own. They can be quite eccentric in collaborating with the people and arts. They are mistaken to possess psychic qualities, but in reality, they are just down to earth people who are trying to attain enlightenment by treading the path of righteousness.


You are too self-centred and there is no way of you getting close to any psychic powers. Though nothing bad will happen to you, there is no hope of something good happening to you as well.

It’s simply not your cup of tea.