9 Genuine Signs of Intelligence That Are Impossible To Fake – How Many Do You Have?

Would you say you were an intelligent person? Have people come up to you, admiring your creativity and intellect, even though you scored below than average on a test? If you answered no, you might want to reconsider your concept of true ‘intelligence’.

Sadly, our education system puts too much emphasis on marks, grading students according to the same scale. And the truth is, this kind of system will never detect who’s truly intelligent. More often than not, the children who can learn all the details by heart, write them down on a test, and get an ‘A’, are usually considered as highly intelligent by everyone. However, a child who gets a ‘B’ or a ‘C’ could be equally or even more intelligent than the one who got an ‘A’!

Einstein, one of the greatest minds in the world, frequently criticized our education. He judged the public school system for their standardized tests – testing the ability of a monkey, a fish and an elephant to climb a tree!

9 Genuine Signs of Intelligence That Are Impossible To Fake – How Many Do You Have?

So, clearly, this kind of system cannot tell if you are smart or not. Therefore, we have compiled a list of not so obvious signs of intelligence. Now, you can see for yourself where you rank!

1. You Are Aware How Much You Don’t Know

This means you are open to new ideas, new things and you truly cherish learning. You are blessed with an inner ability to look at an issue from all angles. Furthermore, you are not afraid of owning up to your mistakes and learning new things with each day that passes. By having an open mind, you are also able to make a well-thought-out choice and are able to defend your view better. This makes you feel safer since you know where you stand.

2. You Are Fueled By Curiosity

According to many studies, a curious and open child is more likely to develop an inquisitive mind later in his/her life. Curiosity leads to both knowledge and new experiences as well.

3. You Feel Empathy Towards Others

Nowadays psychologists believe that ‘an intelligent person’ should possess a high emotional quotient. Intelligent people are usually in tune with the emotions of people around them. They are extremely aware of all things in their surroundings, so they can detect any energy nearby. Since empathy connects two individuals at a very personal level, a high level of intelligence is very much necessary.

4. You Do Not Think Too Low Or Too Highly Of Yourself

You must know at least one person who thinks very highly of himself/herself. These type of people frequently have very biased opinions on everything. But, they are not able to fully develop as an individual. A study actually proved that less intelligent people overestimate their cognitive abilities.

5. You Avoid Unnecessary Actions And Enjoy Solitude

Ever since ancient times, it has been believed that those who do not talk too much to others are extremely intelligent. Introverts are used to fulfilling their social need with the bare minimum. And while they’re doing that, they create a special bond with the mind. Therefore, their mind definitely works a bit differently.

6. You Like Chewing ‘Gums’

Even though you may find it hard to believe, most of the studies conducted on chewing gums have revealed that the habit of chewing gums indicates a sign of a very high intelligence. This is due to the fact the gum’s chemicals help your blood circulation. According to another study, if you chew a gum while you prepare for a test, you can use the links that are created by your brain in order to store the information. Thus, intelligent people regularly choose to take a chewing gum to memorize things with ease.

7. You Are Most Productive During Odd Hours Of The Night

Some people might condemn this, but studies have clearly shown that individuals who sleep late and get up early in the morning are more intelligent than others. However, bear in mind that the inability to sleep could also be a medical condition. So, if you are facing troubles due to lack of sleep, you shouldn’t ignore them.

8. You Are An Expert In Sarcasm And Silly Jokes

This point might also be surprising to some, but it’s true. The reason why people making silly jokes are much more likely to be ‘intelligent’ than others could be because an intelligent person is able to improvise on the go.

9. You Take Short Naps Often

What’s the link between intelligence and sleep? Well, many studies prove that individuals who take naps are smarter. If you think about it, everyone feels fresh and aware after a nap. You must have felt the positive effect too. So, never forget to have a small nap whenever you can. It’ll improve your intelligence and you’ll automatically be ahead of others.