Why Depressed People Get Angry? (And How To Handle Them?)

Depression is hard to understand and if you haven’t gone through it, then most likely you will fail to understand what exactly a depressed person feels. Your self-esteem goes for a toss and you start feeling that bad things are happening to you all the time even when that is not the case. You will start losing your sanity and self-worth.

When you go through these feelings and nobody is able to understand your point of view, then the immediate reaction is the anger. You feel a rage inside you, followed by numbness and finally, you lose all the ability to feel any emotion genuinely. When you lose control over your emotion and you no longer feel anything that is the scariest part. As per the Cambridge dictionary, “depression is a mental illness where a person is not happy and is anxious for a long period of time and during that time phase they are devoid of normal life”.

Reacting to depression by the book

It has been noticed that when a person goes through some kind of a trauma that is the time when depression slowly creeps in resulting in anger. When we are dealing with someone who is depressed, we must keep in mind that anger is the result of their past experience, so we should avoid judging them due to this. A depressed person finds it really difficult to act normally.

Most of the time they are angry, so while interacting with them we should always keep that in mind and try to forgive them for their reaction without making it obvious. Depression is something that is happening in their mind, therefore they can only come out of it when they are prepared to accept the fact and move on. It is easier said than done.

An extensive amount of patience and time needs to be invested in order to help the person come out of depression. The anger is not directed to you personally, it is their frustration and helplessness to deal with the situation that is actually leading them to do so. Therefore, if you come across someone who is fighting depression, try to handle the situation calmly.

Depressed people feel lonely and highly misunderstood, which is another reason behind their anger. The best help that you can provide to the person who is depressed is your time and patience. Just let them know you are there, no matter how they react. When that person is confident about your presence and believes that you would listen to them without judging them, they will start sharing their innermost thoughts with you.

Music has always been the best form of medicine. It soothes you inside out and if you are listening to music with someone who is depressed, the person will gradually start to connect to you through music.

Make them feel wanted and special by cooking their favorite meals, ordering favorite cuisine from their favorite eating joints or watching movies. The idea is to share some quality time with them while trying to make them feel better about themselves. If someone else is also going through the same fate, then it will be good to talk to them and realize that there are others as well who are in the same situation and you are not alone.