17 Things That Happen When An Empath Enters A Relationship With A Narcissist

No other communion has ever been more toxic like the love relationship between an empath and a narcissist.

Empaths often are judged badly as having a weak character, or as being victims of their own kindness. That is not true at all. Empaths are strong, flexible individuals with highly developed sense of other people’s feelings and emotions. However, once a narcissist enters the picture, “victim” is exactly what an empath becomes if they don’t manage to protect themselves and build boundaries.

Empaths are here to heal the world, and cannot bear to see someone in pain. Because of this, empaths are naturally attracted to the irreparably damaged narcissist and their stories of misery. But a narcissist is not someone who wants to heal himself – a narcissist only wants to manipulate, belittle, and most importantly, continue to be a narcissist.

Even though most empaths are already aware that being together with a narcissist is not a healthy decision, they might not know exactly what happens in such a relationship – until now. If you’re an empath yourself, and have been in a relationship with a narcissist, you may now get a better understanding of that experience.


Here are 17 things that happen whenever an empath is in a relationship with a narcissist:

1.The narcissist creates a certain comfort for the empath. The empath will feel a strongly connected to the narcissist, even if the narcissistic person doesn’t reassure the empath that their feelings are sincere.

2.Empaths are people who love to love. They enjoy making the other person feel complete again. However, there is one problem here…the more love and attention the empath gives, the more powerful and domineering a narcissist becomes.

3.The narcissist will make the empath feel like the relationship is going well, but what’s really taking place behind the curtain is the narcissist looking for nonstop validation. A narcissist would often ask the empath “you love me, right?” and swiftly switch every conversation into one about themselves.

4.After a while, the narcissist starts using “gaslighting” tactics to make the empath feel enormous guilt and self-doubt. “I never said that,” “you are crazy,” and “you are only imagining things” are just some of the common phrases a narcissist uses to cause a rapid wreck inside the empath’s mind. This is how the empath’s mental stability starts to decline rapidly.

5.These circumstances create a relationship in which the narcissist is in control. They make the empath feel dependent on them for everything. The empath is beginning to feel like no other person would ever want them.

6.All of these control mechanisms and manipulation tactics cause many empaths to become heavily depressed and anxious. This severe psychological condition only furthers the empath’s conditioning that they really “need” the narcissist in order to feel good. Very soon, they alienate themselves and the narcissist becomes the center of their world.

7.Everything a narcissist says and does is a cruel and direct attack on the empath’s personal reality. These deceitful individuals can take a person from the normal, joyous life they once had, to a shadowy place where feelings of self-doubt, worthlessness, and inadequacy are daily occurrences because everything you do is wrong.

8.At a certain stage in this toxic relationship, the empath will reach their breaking point. The stable individual they once were has now become someone completely different…and their loved ones no longer recognize this person.

9.The relationship reaches a point of conflict between both parties because the empath starts to take on the narcissist’s traits. Eventually, the empath starts to realize that their emotional needs are not being met, and display actions that stand up for their needs as well. The narcissist sees this behavior as an act of selfishness.

10.What neither partner in this relationship realize, is that even after the relationship ends (which eventually it will), both parties will continue to suffer. The narcissist will move on to another, equally toxic relationship, and seek various fields to hunt for new victims in their life- but they will still be miserable.

11.As for the empath, this person will continue suffering from the narcissist’s abuse because it has infected their mind and body like a poison. It enters every fiber of their being with a single purpose – to destroy the reality of their victim.

12.After the relationship falls apart, the empath sees themselves as the real problem. Surely it’s their fault the relationship has ended – they must have done something wrong. Every toxic word from the narcissist’s mouth comes back to haunt the empath’s mind, and they “maybe I was indeed selfish for thinking about my own needs.”

13.However, the empath doesn’t yet realize something crucial – there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with them, and they didn’t “fail” anything or anyone, themselves the least. In fact, everything is perfectly fine with them. They simply fall under the lies, manipulation, and selfishness of a deceiver who had no remorse at all about hurting another person.

14.This begins the empaths powerful transformation. It is indeed a very painful process, but even more painful is being with a narcissist. Empaths now begin to learn that in order to mature, they need to re-assess their “healing” process. The lesson of this experience is that everyone is worthy of love, but not everyone deserves their trust.

15.The empath is the one who will heal. The process of healing may include the painful realization that they too were broken and damaged, like the narcissist, but they are willing to acknowledge that. The narcissist, on the other hand, simply refuses the possibility they could be imperfect or in need of anything or anyone.

16.The narcissist will carry on, hunting for another poor victim, fully unaware that he/she is the cause of their own unhappiness.

17.The empath will mature from such an experience, and learn that they must protect, and balance certain parts of themselves if they are to live a wiser, more fulfilled life.