Cats Have Powerful Aura That Protects Your Home From Negative Spirits And Dark Energy

Were You Familiar With These Hidden Powers Of Cats?

Cats may be famous on the web for being adorable and hilarious, but there may be a deeper reason why people feel a particular fondness for felines.

What if cats serve not only as your beloved pets but as protectors of your home as well?

Guard dogs may be effective at keeping away any unwanted intruder off your property, but cats fulfill a far more important purpose. These feline creatures are actually able to protect your home from a different type of uninvited visitors.


Cats and Negative Energy

If you’re a cat owner yourself, you’ve probably noticed your cat staring intensely towards a seemingly empty space. Maybe the cat was also spending a significant amount of time around one particular spot in your home for an inexplicable reason.Did you ever wonder why has this happened?

It’s possible that your cat is sensitive to certain concentrated negative energy and is trying to protect you and your home from any possible infiltration by evil spirits.

This is because cats emit a uniquely powerful aura, known as an astral force that repels negative energy.

It is likely that such a negative energy is the leftover from a past traumatic experience before you even moved in that home, or a certain dark entity could come from outside the home and try to break in.

In an event like this, your cat serves as a valuable defender for you and your close ones by trying to entrap the evil spirit in its powerful force field and lead it out of the home.

Be sure not to disturb your cat if you see that it is deliberately wandering around your home.

Cats are also able to discern the intentions of astral entities and could be tracing some source of dark energy in the attempt to trap it and remove it from your immediate environment if they sense a dangerous aura nearby.

The people in Russia used to allow a cat to enter a house first before they moved in because of its exceptionally powerful aura. This allowed the cat to immediately repel any residual dark energy from the previous inhabitants while also providing protective positive energy if that home was new or had merely neutral energy.

Ways To Remove Heavy Dark Energy From Your Home

There are several ways that you can support your cat in getting rid of negative spirits from your home.

If you notice that your cat shows particular interest in a certain area of the home, you can perform a cleansing ritual and read a prayer of your choice.

Another method for removing negative energy from your home is to burn some White Sage at the spot to eliminate any unwanted energy. The smoke of White Sage will attach itself to concentrated negative energy and convert it back into positive.

You can also rub fresh White Sage leaves between your thumbs and forefingers, as this is also an effective way to release the herb’s cleansing energy.

You can notice afterward whether your feline pet continues to return to that spot or if the cleansing ritual managed to ward off the negative energy.

Cats Provide Protection From Evil Eyes And Curses

Cats can also work to protect you and your home from evil eyes or dark curses.

Same as people from many cultures around the world wear necklaces and talismans to protect themselves from evil eyes, you must be holding your cat for its force to be effectively protecting you from the malicious thoughts of others.

The right way to hold your cat in order to enjoy the full protection of its energy field is to stroke gently its neck with your left hand while simultaneously stroke across its tail with your right hand.

This method will enable you to maintain full contact with the cat and utilize its available protective energy to the fullest.

Your cat can also fulfill an important function for you through its healing powers.

If you are suffering from severe emotional stress, simply lie down and stroke your cat. This can help you greatly to release a significant amount of your emotional burden.

Cats Protect You From Geopathogenic Zones

Cats can provide you with energy protection if you happen to have the bad luck of living in a Geopathogenic Zone.

Geopathogenic Zones are locations that cause harmful effects on a person’s health if they are living in them for extended periods of time. In these locations, there is a steady and dense flow of negative energy for cats to fight against.

The Special Powers of Cats of Different Colors

All types of cats provide their owners withthe aforementioned protective healing energies. However, there are certain differences between the benefits cats may bestow upon their masters.

What follows is a brief description of the specialties of each type of cat. If you’re in the need of a particular kind of healing energy, protection or benefit, you can now pick the one most suitable for your circumstances.

Black Cats

Black Cats are born with the most potent magical protection against occult forces and dark curses. These cats are most skilled at neutralizingstrong negative energy that may be presentin a person’s home.

Blue-Gray Cats

These cats have a calming effect on people’s emotional stability by bringing love and joy into the lives of their masters. The tranquil energy these cats carry is often associated with good fortune and happiness.

Calico Cats

Calico Cats combine the benefits of white, black and red cats and provide your home with significant protection from negative influences. These beautiful three-colored cats are often associated with prosperity in life and good luck.

Two-Tone Cats

Two-tone cats are the carriers of energy that enhances common sense and profound wisdom.

Color point Siamese Cats

Color point Siamese cats are the most playful breed of cats. People who keep them as pets are quite fortunate as these cats bring their owners fame and success, and benefit them with longevity.

Tortoiseshell Cats

Tortoiseshell cats have a special gift of clairvoyance and specialize in healing powers. This particular color pattern usually only appears in female cats, providing them with pure energy.

Tabby Cats

Tabb cats improve the general mood of an environment and provide a sense of humor and entertainment.

Golden Cats

These cats are often associated with ancient wisdom because they were once revered in religious temples as sacred beings. Golden cats also embody the energy of the Sun and grace.

No matter what breed of cat you keep as your pet, you will surely enjoy the benefits from the feline’s strong aura and sense to the presence of negative spirits.