Loners Are The Most Intellectual and Devoted Persons You Could Find

While other people are doing what they can to make friends and connect with almost everyone they possibly can, loners prefer to stay to themselves. While this may seem awkward to a social butterfly, it doesn’t bother the loner type of person at all.

From the outside, it may seem that your loner friend is rather socially strange or even a lonely person; however, the loner is the one who actually chooses to be alone. It’s not that they consider themselves above everyone else that they ignore others. Actually, loners are very down to earth and compassionate people that care a lot about others.

If you happen to have a loner in your circle of friends, you need to understand that regardless of the fact that loners enjoy being alone most often, they chose you as their dear friend. While it’s obvious that they make a very careful selection of the people they include in their lives, when a loner chooses someone to have in their life, they have chosen this person above everyone else.

It’s not like loners don’t want to have friends, quite the opposite, they really enjoy being with others. However, they need solitude occasionally to understand the world around them better. You see, a loner type of person is a deep thinking individual who is constantly pondering over the reality that surrounds them, and solitude gives them the opportunity to sort through their impressions of the world.

You won’t see loners indulging in mindless chitchat because they are occupied sorting through the large topics in life. Of course, no two loners resemble exactly one another, and there are those who are more extroverted and others, which are more introverted. Extroverted loners find it easier to share their thoughts with other people, while the introverted loner keeps their inner workings almost completely to themselves.

And while extroverted loners are able to communicate their thoughts and emotions with others, most often, they choose to keep to themselves because they are searching for real persons. They simply cannot stand the fabricated lives of fake people, so instead, they choose to look for people who share their interests. Loners enjoy having true and real-life conversations about how the universe works, not some pointless gossip about the neighbor’s new car.

An introverted loner, on the other hand, has a much greater difficulty in large gatherings of people. You see, these massive social gatherings intimidate them because they cannot think clearly. Once they are surrounded by a lot of people, anxiety takes over and it becomes hard for them to breathe and focus on their thoughts. So, for the most part, introverted loners spend most of their time in solitude, and only invite certain selected people into their private thoughts.

Unfortunately, if you‘re not a loner yourself, it may be difficult to appreciate the blessing of being such a person. Nevertheless, both types of loners are both unique and very intelligent. And if you allow them to, these people will enrich greatly your life. As long as you are sincere with them, and provide them with a good topic to think about, they will remain close by your side as a faithful friend. However, know that if you hurt them, or give them a reason to doubt your honesty, it is very likely that you will lose them forever.