10 Signs Your Husband Is Cheating, According To a Former Mistress

A 29-year-old woman reveals what she’s learned as a former mistress. Read up, here are warning signs of infidelity to watch out for!

We’re all supremely scared of being betrayed by the one(s) we love. Who better to walk us through the process than one who has been jilted too?

29-year-old Clare reveals that she stumbled upon the heartbreaking knowledge of her lover having a wife and two children. She hated the experience, and was obviously horrified by how easy it is to trick women into overlooking your promiscuity.

Clare lists ten signs to look out for in your marriage. Chances are, if you’re reading this article, then you have ample reason to start an alert investigation.

1.Obsession With Late Nights:

Where is he? I understand that he might be occupied and busy. Your spouse is allowed to have a life of their own. But if their whereabouts are shady, or they refuse to reveal the information to you, chances are- it’s not something pleasant. Of course they could be planning a surprise birthday party for you. But remember that your birthday comes once a year, and “work dinners” don’t come as often as he says they do.

2.New Patterns Of Spending:

Where is all that money going? Is he suddenly spending a large amount on ‘secretive’ products? Chances are, they are being spent on a different relationship. It’s true that everybody has the right to spend money anywhere and in any way they want to. You cannot babysit an adult. However, it helps to be on the lookout.

3.Developing New Interests:

Is he suddenly switching from Black Sabbath to Linkin Park? Is South Park suddenly too boring for him? Where are these changes stemming from, and who is influencing them? These questions might sound immensely petty, but they are legitimate concerns.

4.Protecting His Personal Devices:

Why are there twenty million different passcodes on all his devices? Unless he is working with the CIA, this makes no sense. I understand the need for privacy, but if they’re being mysteriously secretive, you will probably not like what they’re hiding.

5.Twisted Replies:

I could write a thesis on this. When you blame somebody for some offense they are aware of committing, people surrender to abnormal defense tactics. Their replies will turn the bullet towards you, or better still, try to insult you for having asked the question in the first place. Beware of situations where your partner simply refuses to give direct answers.

6.The Myth Of ‘She’s Just A Colleague’:

Sounds petty, I know. But if this is such a widespread concern, it has to have some credibility. Clare herself was the colleague in question. That is the excuse her lover had used on his wife. Be very skeptical of the women your spouse gets very close to. Stereotypes exist for a reason.

7.Marked Change In Personality:

Is he using Millennial phrases? Has he suddenly discovered what YOLO, and ROFL mean? Who is teaching him? Changed personality, or a development of new taste, has a lot to do with people you’re surrounding yourself with. If you’re going to spend your life with this man, you ought to know the company he keeps.

8.Becoming Obsessed With Themselves:

Is he buying new clothes? Splurging on that exclusive cologne? Has he suddenly discovered the concept of ‘clean socks’? Either God has heeded your prayers, or he’s having a rampant extra-marital affair. There is no in-between.

9.Making Love Feels Like A Task:

Sex should not feel like an assignment. If you feel like you’ve lost the fire in the bedroom, try speaking about it with your partner, and adopting new techniques. But if nothing works, then there is something inherently wrong in your relationship, and you must get to the bottom of it. Sex reveals an intimate passion, so don’t ignore the message it is sending you.

10.He Is Emotionally Stunted:

Is your spouse emotionally unavailable? Has all the affection and the sense of togetherness faded? Well then, sound the warning bells! It is time for some introspection. He is exhausting his emotions elsewhere. No relationship can thrive without emotional commitment, and you must not take this lightly.