8 Ways How You Can Spot A Fake Nice Person. Beware The Frenemies In Your Life!

Have you ever met a person who is always nice to you for no apparent reason, but complains about you to others behind your back? Have you ever had a friend who was actually close to you, but in the end, somehow you turned up mistreated and deceived? One thing you need to keep in mind: beware the so-called frenemies!

No one wants to be around someone who is a completely fake person. We all want genuine, truthful and honest individuals in our lives. Hey, many people took advantage of certain situations, but some of them…It’s just in their blood to do that.

Although we cannot claim these people are solely responsible for their behavior and personality traits. Modern society and this fast-paced lifestyle have brought up generations of superficial, profit-oriented individuals and this is just the start of it. Globalization and modern technology have successfully damaged our most fundamental values, social media tainted us so much that we are now unable to tell the difference between truth and lie.

8 Ways How You Can Spot A Fake Nice Person. Beware The Frenemies In Your Life!

If you feel the same way about your own surrounding, these eight ways will teach you how to spot a fake nice person in your life:

1.These people are nice to everyone

A friend to all is a friend to none. It’s as simple as that. Someone can be the kindest and most ethical person in the world, but you simply can’t click with everyone. People have different ways of seeing things and multi-faced personalities. And that’s perfectly fine. One doesn’t have to be compatible with every person they meet. Fake people have this unexplainable need to satisfy everyone and work hard to be the all-around player. The motive behind this behavior of theirs is purely beneficial. Frenemies respect only those with power and carefully select who deserves their attention and respect, based on how much benefit that relationship can provide them with.

2.They competing with everyone

Everything in life for them is a competition that must be won. Whether it’s an exam, job interview, or a particular lifestyle, it doesn’t matter, they must win the first prize. What matters is that they are deeply convinced that they are above you and will constantly compare themselves to you to make sure they are always ahead of you.

3.They make promises they don’t keep

I’m sure at some point in your life, you’ve had that friend who said they’ll always have your back, but when things got a bit rough, suddenly they disappeared into thin air. Fake friends will make all possible efforts just to verify their worth, but will never give you much in times of need. These people only speak what they think you want to hear. This is how they attempt to get what they want from you and everybody else in their life. It’s a twisted game of manipulation that they ruthlessly play.

4.Gossiping is a part of their daily routine

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” You all agree with this quote by Eleanor Roosevelt, right? Well, beware of these small minds, because if they are capable of loosely gossiping about their closest ones, imagine all the things they say about you behind your back.

5.They are in desperate need of your attention

Frenemies are so self-centered that they strongly believe this whole world revolves around them and no one else. Their arrogance is so apparent that it’s almost impossible not noticing them. Usually, they are the loudest, cockiest ones at every social event, constantly bragging about their achievements and abilities. As they are very desperate for other people’s attention, they become mischievous sociopaths and won’t think twice when they spot a lucrative opportunity

6.They never make the first contact

Ever noticed how some people never make the first move in reaching out to others? Whether it’s a phone call to meet up for coffee or a casual night out, you are always the one initiating contact, not them. This is probably because they don’t consider you beneficial enough to maintain a regular relationship with.

7.They are always attacking others with criticism

Sincere and honest people will genuinely admire your accomplishments, the work that you do, praise you and learn from you. They will support you and always be happy when you succeed, no matter what their situation is. Frenemies, on the other hand, will always find a flaw in your work, or even in your personality, especially if they don’t have the same virtues as you do or didn’t perform well in the same field. Still, pay no attention to their jealousy as it’s just a form of hatred built upon their own insecurity. Frenemies feed on criticizing others and making them feel bad about themselves.

8.They smile way too much

A smiled face is the ultimate display of happiness. Yes, smiling is contagious and it certainly improves your overall health as well as it adds up years to your lifespan. However, the thing about smiling is that fake persons tend to hide their true-colored personality under their excessive friendly behavior and constant smile.